Tuesday, January 17th  2017

Additional Services

Find just the service that you’ve been looking for or something entirely new with these additional services designed to complement TruBank's other product offerings.

ATM Services
TruBank owns and operates ATM terminals on its premises in Oskaloosa, West Des Moines and What Cheer. TruBank cardholders may use these terminals without incurring terminal owner assessed transaction charges. Additionally, TruBank participates in Shazam's Privileged Status program. This program allows TruBank cardholders to use any ATM machine bearing Shazam's Privileged Status logo without incurring terminal transaction charges. 

TruBank cards also work in many non-Privileged Status ATMs. However, you may be assessed a transaction charge by the ATM owner.

Bill Pay
TruBank is pleased to offer Bill Pay as a free service to our customers.  You can pay anyone, from the local florist to your credit card company to Uncle Jimmy.  You can make one-time payments such as a graduation gift to a favorite niece or set up recurring items such as a mortgage payment.  You can set up as many vendors as you'd like and schedule payments well in advance of their due date.  Log on to www.trubank.org, click on Personal Bill Pay and Enroll Me to start paying your bills online...for FREE!

Chek Card
Have you tried to write a check lately? Fraud is rampant and businesses are going to extreme measures to protect themselves. You can avoid some of this hassle with TruBank's Chek-Card. It looks like a credit card but draws from your checking account to pay for purchases. These same purchases appear on your monthly statement for reconciliation just as if you had written a check for them. TruBank's Chek-Card can also act like an ATM card allowing you 24-hour access to your money from an ATM terminal.   The best part...the card is FREE!

Online Banking
From the comfort of your home...from the privacy of your office...from wherever you have Internet access you can bank "24-7" with TruBank Online Banking...AND you can do it for FREE. You can transfer between accounts, make loan payments, see which checks have cleared or what deposits have credited your account. You can even click on the blue hyper-text check numbers and see a picture of your check. front and back! This feature is very handy when you've forgotten to write a check down in your register.  Convenience at your finger tips. Apply today!

Mobile Banking

Secure, convenient, and on-demand… your account information anytime…day or night…from any mobile phone with text messaging, Mobile Web access or a downloadable APP.   Access the same accounts that are viewable through Online Banking including checking, savings, CDs and loans.

TruBank Mobile Banking provides the following types of services from virtually any phone with text capabilities:

View account balances
View transaction history
Receive “Alerts” on banking transactions

*Message and data rates may apply.

Web-enabled phones using Mobile Browser services, and smart phones using a downloadable APP can also:

Transfer funds between accounts and the bank
Make loan payments or advances
 Pay bills, plus view and modify pending payments
Make secure deposits anytime day or night…as easy as taking a picture
Find the nearest branch or ATM

TruBank Mobile Banking is secure.  Multiple layers of authentication, a personal password and a phone activation code keep your information safe.   

Enrollment for TruBank Mobile Banking is completed through Online Banking under the Options tab (you may be prompted automatically upon login).


To learn more about TruBank Mobile Banking or to view a demo visit our Online Education Center.

1)    Visit the iTunes App Store for iPhone users
       Visit the Google Play Store for Android users
2)    Search for TruBank
3)    Install the Application
4)    Once downloaded, tap the icon to login
5)    Enter your password, then Login


Go Green.  Go Fast.  Go Secure.  Go for eStatements…safe, reliable and better for the environment.  And TruBank eStatements are free..

TruBank eStatements are good for the environment, literally saving tons of paper by requiring the harvesting of fewer trees and less energy to make paper…electronic delivery is good for everyone.  

TruBank eStatements are fast and simple...no waiting for postal mail.

TruBank eStatements are secure.  We deliver eStatements securely through Online Banking and we deliver them for free.

TruBank eStatement enrollment is easy…follow these steps:

1)    Log in to Online Banking
2)    Click the Options tab, scroll down to the eStatements Enrollment area and click the Edit button.
3)    Review the Account list and click to place a checkmark next to the account(s) you wish to enroll.
4)    Review the email address and add or edit if necessary.
5)    Click the first Click Here hyperlink to review disclosures and sign up information.
6)    Click the second Click Here hyperlink to generate a confirmation code.  When the code appears copy and paste it into the Confirmation Code text box.
7)    Click to place a checkmark in the checkbox next to the disclosure hyperlink and click the Accept button to complete your eStatement enrollment.
8)    Verify that your selections were successful.

Contact your personal banker if you have questions or concerns.