Tuesday, January 17th  2017


Agricultural Loans  
Welcome to the heartland. There's no better place to be. TruBank is proud to be a partner with local farmers who make their living working this great land of ours.

Area farmers know that TruBank will work with them to set up operating advances, including but not limited to livestock and grain production; and will make loans for real estate, livestock, machinery and equipment purchases, farm capital improvements, livestock facilities, grain storage facilities and grain in storage, farm buildings, vehicles, soil conservation programs, tiling and other drainage facilites.

  Aircraft Loans
If you are looking for a loan to purchase a new or used aircraft, please see our Aircraft Financing page.
Consumer Loans  

Are you wondering where the money for college will come from? Has the repairman finally given up on fixing your furnace? Is this the year to acquire that new 4-wheel drive truck?

TruBank can help you find the money for all of the above. We provide student aid loans - both direct and under various programs. We make installment loans for the purchase of vehicles, consumer goods, personal and home improvement loans.

  Commercial Loans
TruBank is ready to help business owners and operators set up shop and start the wheels of commerce spinning.

We can help you set up loans to provide operating capital, including loans needed to cover inventory and accounts receivable financing; capital loans incident to purchasing businesses, loans to purchase supplies, equipment, furniture, fixtures and vehicles; loans for building and leasehold improvements.

Real Estate Loans  

Have you been looking for your dream home? Are you interested in remodeling your existing home?

TruBank is proud to offer so many different ways to make owning property available to you by offering loans on commercial property, on farm land, for home remodeling, on owner occupied housing and for affordable housing.  When necessary, we can enter the secondary market and work with you to find the very best financing available.

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